How to Get Him Back!

SO, you’ve recently broken up with your boyfriend and you’re now crying as we ‘speak’ about how much you miss him and can’t withstand being without him. What else to do, but search for the answer online. Well, you’re in luck.

Now if he wasn’t exactly your boyfriend but you two were seeing each other for a couple of months or years, don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

Basically I was in a relationship for 6 months (I know it’s not a lot at all), when suddenly he called it off because his dumb friends told him that he should be playing the field, ugh. Of course, now I see their point, we’re young and even though young relationships feel like they’re forever, they’re not. But, at the time I felt as if I was falling apart, I wanted him, I thought about him every second of my day! Then my friend said something which seemed odd to me at the time. She told me, if you’re always running after him, he has no time to miss you, no time to realise what he’s been missing! I went from casually running into him every Tuesday at Costa coffee to him just seeing my Instagram story having fun with my friends. She was right, by the 3rd week exactly after seeing my story (seeing what he’s been missing) he messaged me! He wanted to rekindle things. But, I said no…

The thing about her plan is it worked too well! As I stopped running after him I noticed that I don’t want to be in a relationship with him. I had focused on myself, life was good, I met new people, people who treated me better than he ever did. So if you do decide to listen to my best friend, you’ll either end up back with him, or move on in the process. Either way it’s a win, win!!

Now, girls a piece of advice, I did this so many times and from past experiences I can tell you it only works if:

  1. Your relationship was a couple of months or years… If you’re planning to use this on a guy you went out with once or twice, it won’t work, for the simple reason that he won’t miss someone who he doesn’t or rather didn’t have an emotional connection to!
  2. You genuinely stop running after him… Even though you may stop seeing him, but you’re asking about him all the time or checking his social media everyday, it won’t work! You see, when he starts to miss you, he begins seeing your social media or casually ask about you through your mutual friends, now what you want him to see or hear about is a girl who is genuinely happy, living her best life and better off! But, if you’re stalking him on social media and constantly talking about him trust me it will show.

Now, to all the girls that miss someone who wasn’t even theirs to being with. I feel ya!

So I dated this guy, let’s call him Dean (cause you’ll hear about him in more posts) for about 6 months until he called it quits. We then were friends who date each other once in a while. 2 years passed and we were still ‘friends’, I ended up catching strong feelings, obviously, when you’re making out with someone for 2 bloody years, but he said he only saw me as a friends. After 2 years I was fed up, we ended up in a huge argument about what we are to each other and it ended badly. Every morning I would phone my best friend, crying, listening to Selena’s Back to you as I dreadfully got ready for school. Last we spoke was April until he messaged me this week to meet up as he came across our photos! I can honestly say that I didn’t want him anymore, that message had no effect on me, I was over him! And how did I do it?

On day 15, I sprung out of bed with a smile on my face (it was fake, but eventually it became real), I approached my friend and said “I’m ready”, that night we went on a girls night, I danced, laughed, met new people, but he still was on my mind, ugh. But the following week’s girls night, I felt lighter, I danced and laughed even more! By this time, Dean started seeing my story and my friend’s. As he did everyday from that day onwards! But, week after week, a little piece of dean left my mind until he was no longer there and trust me, my happiness showed in my photos which only made him want me back and that’s why he messaged me this week. Took him 4 months but better late than never, aye!

Tip: Be patient, I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, if you don’t get him back, it simply means you’re gonna get someone else, probably someone better, just give it time.

What's meant to be will always find a way. - Trisha Yearwood
I promise, what seems bad now it’s all part of your journey to your happy ending.

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